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In Memory of Gordon Cosby, 1917-2013

The Rev. Gordon Cosby preached most of the sermons at The Church of the Saviour from its beginnings in 1947 to the final sermon in December 2008. Many of those sermons can be heard on this website, and more are being added. Mary Cosby also preached a few of those sermons, and other people filled in from time to time. This site is dedicated to making these sermons available for listening by anyone interested.

  • On the Featured Sermons page, you’ll find a few selected sermons and talks to get you started.
  • On the Sermon Archive page, you’ll find the searchable database that will lead you to more than 2 thousand sermons.

Gordon Cosby considered it important to hear these sermons and presentations in the context in which they were given. Here, you will listen to the words and intonations that were appropriate to the gathering of The Church of the Saviour each week in Washington, DC.